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Touch Demo Preparation

Earlier today I prepared to demo the latest daily build of Ubuntu Touch for the San Francisco Ubuntu Hour on a Nexus 7 device. I needed to do a few things. Continue reading


balug.org 12.04 LTS Presentation Tues, April 17th

pangolin imageTomorrow at 8pm the unstoppable Elizabeth Krumbach and I will be presenting on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin. Please arrive at 6:30pm to eat dinner with us before the presentation. 12.04 is scheduled for release into the wild April 26th joining the existing eight mammal pangolin species in Africa and Asia. We are presenting in San Francisco’s Chinatown at the Four Seas Restaurant at the monthly Bay Area Linux User’s Group meeting. The balug.org website has more details. The Four Seas is located at 732 Grant Ave @ Clay a few blocks from the Montgomery St BART station. A handout will be provided highlighting changes such as default DNS handling with resolvconf and dnsmasq, RC6, Ubuntu Core and OpenStack.

We are excited to host this meeting just 20 days in advance of UDS just across the bay in Oakland, CA May 7-11.

Ubuntu Membership

While I have been contributing to Ubuntu for over a year, I am pleased that my application was accepted and I am now an Ubuntu Member. What does this mean?  In the Ubuntu community special recognition is given to Ubuntu contributors who have demonstrated significant and sustained effort in one or more ways. While many California Team members have made contributions, Ubuntu Members have also documented these efforts in an application and appeared via IRC before a governing board for approval. Ubuntu Members (519 world wide at present) play a role in the governance of Ubuntu by voting to confirm new appointments to the Ubuntu Community Council.

I would like to thank everyone for the testimonials they provided and for their support during the IRC meeting.  It was quite a validation of my efforts that I will not soon forget.