Kenya Ubuntu Hour

Jambo wote, (hello everyone) iHub entrance and coffee bar

I am working with the Kenyan Team to host an Ubuntu Hour in Nairobi, Kenya this Thursday from 17:00-18:00 EAT at iHub. iHub is an Open Space for hackers, technologists, investors, and tech companies in Nairobi. The iHub’s location is on the 4th floor of the Bishop Magua Centre on Ngong Road (directly opposite the Uchumi Hyper). The location is quite inviting, with quick access to public transportation, food and the City Centre.

I will also have my IRC client turned on for discussion in #ubuntu-ke if you would like to join us virtually via that web IRC client or use your own IRC client. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! I hope this will be the first of many related events.

The Ubuntu Hour was proposed by myself and made possible with the help of the iHub staff, iHub Member and Dreamfish Member Bernard Owuor and iHub Member, Dreamfish founder and CEO Tiffany von Emmel.

According to the website the space was made possible by funding to Ushahidi by the Omidyar Network and Hivos. Ushahidi covers the lease, electricity and data connections.


Jambo Kenya

In a few short days I am headed to Nairobi, Kenya for three months to work with Dreamfish and recent graduates of Nairobits. While in Nairobi I look forward to to meeting with the Ubuntu Kenyan Team and other open source related groups such as iHub, mFarm and Ushahidi.

Before I leave I am hosting several send-off parties in the San Francisco bay area next week. Please join us if you can.

I will have an Internet connection while staying at Dreamfish Place Nairobi and hope to participate remotely in various Ubuntu events during my trip.

Ubuntu Membership

While I have been contributing to Ubuntu for over a year, I am pleased that my application was accepted and I am now an Ubuntu Member. What does this mean?  In the Ubuntu community special recognition is given to Ubuntu contributors who have demonstrated significant and sustained effort in one or more ways. While many California Team members have made contributions, Ubuntu Members have also documented these efforts in an application and appeared via IRC before a governing board for approval. Ubuntu Members (519 world wide at present) play a role in the governance of Ubuntu by voting to confirm new appointments to the Ubuntu Community Council.

I would like to thank everyone for the testimonials they provided and for their support during the IRC meeting.  It was quite a validation of my efforts that I will not soon forget.