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Next Billion Connected

Dell’s Next Billion video would inspire me more if Dell genuinely supported Linux to consumers instead of actively promoting Windows almost everywhere I see Dell.


Scheduling Algorithms

One learns a lot about scheduling when working with many different schedules hoping for a harmonious and predictable result. My background in mathmatics and studies of project management scheduling algorithms has given me a good background. I apologize in advance for some of the specific vagueness.

Very inflexible schedule elements make everything feel much more difficult. Whether the inflexible elements are imposed in a seemingly arbitrary way or because of contingencies along a chain of events the consequences of a missed segment can feel disappointing. Sometimes the bad effects can cascade. Opportunity costs must be weighed against the measures taken to make things work as planned.

Sometimes the result is simply too unpredictable so the system must be treated as a black box. The costs of planning can actually exceed the time saved. Best efforts and adapting/pivoting is required. Results must be accepted for what they are, a best result given the amount of variability in the system. It is good enough so use energy where it will yield a better return on investment.

I consider myself a patient person, yet recent exercises have given me a new appreciation for the patience and planning required when dealing with these particular complex systems.

P. S. Thanks for reading. I have been focusing on writing in other places but I intend to write more frequently on this blog now.